Rough Life

First World Problem

I’ve been having some challenges with my Garmin technology lately. Specifically the heart rate monitoring. This started last year during the Tour de Bowness road race. Halfway through the race, it appeared that I was experiencing a coronary event. I certainly felt half dead, but my heart was clearly functioning normally. After swapping batteries and going on multiple rides after that, the problem seemed to have been resolved. There was a bit of whining that my data had been skewed, however I was still happy I finished the race and…

Rocket Fuel

Model of a glucose molecule

Supposedly young girls are composed of sugar accompanied by spices and other nice things. My personal experiences showed otherwise, but admittedly, I didn’t have a very large data set to work with. I met with TCRSportLab again this morning. After meticulously documenting my dietary and exercise habits for one full week, I proudly submitted my spreadsheet, knowing I had been disciplined and focused, and waited for my appointment the following day. I am certainly not a paragon of health and good choices, but a corner had definitely been turned that…

With great power comes great responsibility

I love data. I love how graphs look, and I like seeing trends…trending in positive directions. Strava got me hooked on this.  Speed & elevation estimates based on my phone GPS was just a taste that opened a whole world to me, and eventually my wallet. I got the Wahoo Bluetooth HR monitor to integrate with my phone. That sold me on the whole system. Last year I sprung for a Garmin 510 with Cadence & Heart Rate. Last year, I raced my first Cat5 race and while grueling and…

Another year, another diet

Last week I embarked upon a training regime. Lose fat and get faster. Get fitter and be faster. With the help of TCRSportLab, Myfitnesspal, and maybe a healthy dose of masochism, I hope to be ready for Cat5 racing this year. With this endeavor consuming what little is left of my free time and thoughts, I am saying “goodbye for now” to a treasured companion. Goodbye beer. We need a break. It’s not you, it’s me. Once my body gets back into shape, we will celebrate, I promise.