Rocket Fuel

Model of a glucose molecule

Supposedly young girls are composed of sugar accompanied by spices and other nice things. My personal experiences showed otherwise, but admittedly, I didn’t have a very large data set to work with.

I met with TCRSportLab again this morning. After meticulously documenting my dietary and exercise habits for one full week, I proudly submitted my spreadsheet, knowing I had been disciplined and focused, and waited for my appointment the following day. I am certainly not a paragon of health and good choices, but a corner had definitely been turned that week.

It turns out that there was some low hanging fruit that could be cut from the diet tree. Saddened that despite my best efforts I still fell short, I knew this is probably the best case scenario. Well, best case scenario might have involved eating beer and pizza. Reality has never stopped me from dreaming. If my diet was pristine, it probably would be much harder to find areas to optimize and reduce. It is not.

It wasn’t a difficult task to point out areas of improvement. My resting metabolic rate showed that I was burning glycogen, stored in muscles the liver, even at rest.  I’m using up my precious fuel reserves even before I get up off the couch. No wonder that a reasonable amount of hard exertion causes me to bonk pretty hard even while shoveling handfuls of gels into my mouth. This needs to change, and it will take a few weeks to adapt to the new fuel.

The advice I received?

  • Exercise before eating each morning. Depleting your glycogen reserves allows the food you eat for breakfast/lunch to be converted into glycogen and stored properly for future use, rather than being converted into fat for long term storage.
  • Lay off the sugar. I really don’t need it for my desk job. If my job demanded that type of physical performance, I wouldn’t be in the shape that I’m in. Upon reviewing my diet log, I was consuming upwards of 100g of sugar a week in my coffee alone.

Also following some of my own advice:

  • Get plenty of sleep. When you’re sleeping, you’re recovering and most importantly, not eating.
  • Lay off the booze


Sugar definitely has its uses, and while I don’t love it like a candy fiend, it has made its way into my diet. If necessary, I’ll pound back those gels during a race for that extra boost, but definitely not necessary for training and weight loss. Maybe my opening statement and experiences has some validity. Sugar probably equates better to volatility and rocket fuel than it does to a sweet demeanor. But, a bit of spice and volatility makes life interesting…



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