With great power comes great responsibility

I love data. I love how graphs look, and I like seeing trends…trending in positive directions. Strava got me hooked on this.  Speed & elevation estimates based on my phone GPS was just a taste that opened a whole world to me, and eventually my wallet. I got the Wahoo Bluetooth HR monitor to integrate with my phone. That sold me on the whole system. Last year I sprung for a Garmin 510 with Cadence & Heart Rate.

Last year, I raced my first Cat5 race and while grueling and intimidating, the exhilaration of cruising along in the peloton got me hooked. I’m still unsure if I belong there, but I’ll fake it ’til I make it. In driving towards this goal, I’m trying to get leaner, fitter, and faster. Everywhere I read, I see that training and racing with a power meter is the quickest and most effective way of getting faster. It is just a tool, and I do need to put in the work and the miles for it to pay off, but it might be worth it. Also, this year I have more than just myself to disappoint if I falter with my training plan.


I think I’m going to stay in the Garmin family and spring for the Vector 2 pedals. I may need a new chainring, which may necessitate a new crankset, which would then open more options up. Also, my wallet.



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