Gearing up to travel

Last year was my inaugural trip on the Golden Triangle tour put on by the Elbow Valley Cycle Club. It had some challenging hills, some exciting descents, and bears! Also much beer and food. It was pretty cushy touring even by choosing the frugal option of campingĀ over a hotel bed. They toted our gear from town to town for us and there was never more than 40km between you and food, hot or cold beverages, and washrooms. Further, the daily mileage never exceeded 110km. I would like to point out that I was not complaining about this last item on the final day.

Capture2 - GT Day 3

In the orientation meetings for new members, they said that it is a great way to get some base miles on at the start of the season. While this is true, I’m hoping to top that this year. I’d like to head out to Victoria to see a dear friend of mine, consume some alcohol, eat a lot of food, and hopefully get some mileage in. I’m using this as a test run for a larger trip to Europe or somewhere else in the world.

There are some logistics to figure out such as bike box rental, how much I can actually pack in my bullet saddlebag that hasn’t arrived yet, whether I need additional storage for two full days of touring, etc. The rough plan is to do a two day tour, roughly covering 280km of island exploring, then shorter daytrips to explore the surrounding areas.



I have a bunch of emotions surrounding this trip. Mostly excitement, but a healthy dose of anxiety. Am I taking on too much? Are the distances I’m aiming for too lofty for my current abilities? I’ll only know if I try. And if I’d like to do some heavier touring in the future, this is hopefully a fairly low-risk scenario to iron out any kinks in my plans. My main concern is to look as least like a cyclist as I can when I am not cycling. No one wants to see a guy on a beach in padded spandex…

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